Raag Harshavat

President, NYU Tisch West Alumni Council | Represent! How to Land an Agent and Manager


Raag Harshavat is a writer based in Los Angeles. He is an alumnus of New York University's Tisch School of the Arts and currently serves as the President of the school's Los Angeles based alumni presence called "Tisch West". In this position, he has held dozens of writing centric events and panels dedicated to enriching the writing community and championing the interests of writers. He also hosts and produces a weekly internet talk show at "Twitch.tv/Raagbot" where he analyzes the story of popular video games with other screenwriters, actors, and directors.

In addition to his work with writers -- Raag serves as a producer of innovative broadcast technology and graphics. His work can be seen 24/7 driving information and engagement for television networks such as MLB Network, NHL Network. and Univision Deportes.