Pitch Competition Questions

Q: I want to pitch my project for the Pitch Competition! How do I enter?

A: First, register for the Pitch Competition on Sched after purchasing your pass. The Pitch Competition is open to Marquee, Classic, and Linwood Dunn Sunday Day Pass holders.

Upon entering the Linwood Dunn Theater on the day of the Pitch Competition, you will be handed a ticket if you are interested in entering the pitch competition. We'll kick off the session with a 15-20 minute discussion with our panel of judges on what makes a good pitch before calling out 10 ticket numbers to pitch for 2 minutes each. If your ticket number is called and you do not step forward, you forfeit your turn to pitch. Judges will provide feedback for each pitch and the top 3 winning pitches will be chosen.

Q: Can I observe the Pitch Competition without having to enter the competition?

A: Yes! If you are not interested in entering the competition, do not take the lottery ticket at the door. You will still have to register for the Pitch Competition in your Sched account in order to be admitted.

Q: What are the prizes for the winners?

A: Prizes for the top winner include meetings with WME’s Christopher Lockhart and with screenwriter and producer Dan Petrie, Jr. (Beverly Hills Cop, The Big Easy), along with prizes from our sponsors. Stay tuned for more info!

Terms and Conditions

By participating in the WGFESTIVAL PITCH COMPETITION 2019, you release THE WRITERS GUILD FOUNDATION, THE WGFESTIVAL 2019, THE WGFESTIVAL PITCH COMPETITION JUDGES AND PITCH COMPETITION MODERATOR, and THE WRITERS GUILD FOUNDATION STAFF, VOLUNTEERS, and ALL PARTICIPANTS OF THE WGFESTIVAL 2019, PARTNERS OF THE WGFESTIVAL 2019, and SPONSORS OF THE WGFESTIVAL 2019 and all their subsidiaries, affiliates, officers, representatives, employees, and volunteers from any and all liability stemming from your participation and the public display of your idea and/or work.