Dwana White

Writers Production Assistant | Script Coordinator Bootcamp

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Dwana White is a writer/actress/ producer in Los Angeles. She began her career in comedy as a performer on the illustrious Second City stage. Improv comedy is where she learned the art of storytelling, character development and the power wielded by those who write the world. As a passionate storyteller, Dwana always strive to connect and inspire: “As a writer and a performer, you want your audience to be invested in the journey long after the story ends.”

Dwana is passionate about all aspects of storytelling. You can find her most often writing/directing shows at Upright Citizens Brigade or penning the occasional educational think piece because “inquiring minds want to know.” Dwana is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory and a longtime member of the improv and sketch writing community at Upright Citizens Brigade. And you can follow her on twitter @youwantDwana.

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