Kira Snyder

Writer, Co-Executive Producer, The Handmaid’s Tale | Anatomy of a Screenplay: The Outline

Kira Snyder Headshot.jpg

Kira Snyder is an Emmy- and WGA Award-winning writer and Co-Executive Producer on the TV show The Handmaid’s Tale for Hulu. Her other film and television work includes the movie Pacific Rim: Uprising, pilot scripts for Hulu, FX, and Amazon, The 100 on the CW, Incursion for Starz, Syfy’s Eureka and Alphas, and the CBS vampire cult hit Moonlight. Kira is a graduate of the Writers Guild of America’s Showrunner Training Program and the Warner Bros. Television Writers’ Workshop. The Parish Mail ebooks, Kira’s interactive Young Adult supernatural mystery series, are available for Kindle. Formerly a game designer, Kira has created games for Microsoft, the MIT Press textbook Rules Of Play, and Electronic Arts, including the seminal alternate reality game Majestic. Kira loves science, sci fi, and computer games, reading and playing when she’s not writing and designing.