Christopher Barbour

Writer, Criminal Minds | Writers on Genre: Crime & Mystery

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Christopher Barbour is proud to be the product of the merging of two distinct immigrant streams. His father was an illegal alien from north of the border, who escaped his rather Dickensian upbringing on the mean streets of Toronto, Canada, in order to pursue his Hollywood dreams. His mother, on the other hand, was the daughter of legal immigrants from south of the border, down Mexico way, who decided to put down deeper roots in California. Ultimately, it was the miracle of 1960’s nightclub entertainment that would bring these two together one evening at a cabaret in San Francisco called the Hungry i, where his father was being paid to tell some jokes just before his mother was going to come out to sing and dance. So, you see, Chris comes by this whole show-biz thing pretty honest. It’s in the genes. Though, when he attended Stanford University, the plan was to become the next Tiger Woods. Well, he was actually four years ahead of Tiger, but becoming a championship-winning golfer was the initial goal. That is, until he got recruited by the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York. And if professional acting meant never having to audition, then Chris would most certainly have been the next Robert Downey, Jr. At least in his own mind. But instead, he realized that he actually preferred making up the words the actors had to say rather than having to say them himself. And while co-writing an adaptation of the timeless children’s classic THE LION, THE WITCH & THE WARDROBE got him his start, it was landing on a job on the NBC television series CROSSING JORDAN, where he found his true passion for crime drama and mysteries. Since then, he has spent the last few years plotting murder for shows like CSI and CRIMINAL MINDS: BEYOND BORDERS. And next fall…when he will continue his work as a member of the writing staff on the original CRIMINAL MINDS, as they enter their 15th and final season.

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