Breakout Sessions Questions

Q: What are breakout sessions? 

Breakout sessions range from panels and lectures to interactive workshops and seminars focused on the business and craft of writing for film and TV. We’ve programmed a total of 20 breakout sessions at WGFestival across 4 two-hour blocks, providing intimate venues for attendees to explore specific topics in-depth.

Our Anatomy of a Screenplay Sessions will analyze the three-act structure over the course of four workshops.

Our Writers on Genre Sessions will explore writing specifically for Animation, Horror, Crime/Mystery, and Action/Adventure.

Our Interactive Breakout Sessions employ a hands-on approach to building skills that are helpful for writers. These sessions may require active participation from their attendees.

Our Business of Writing Breakout Sessions explore the business side of the film and TV industries, with panel discussions on topics such as finance, law, development, and talent representation.

Q: Who gets to attend breakout sessions?

Marquee Pass and Classic Pass holders can register for our breakout sessions on a first-come, first-serve basis. The Marquee Pass includes access to breakout session registration immediately after purchasing. The Classic Pass breakout session registration opens on Friday, February 15, 2019 at Noon PST. Space is limited for some breakout sessions, so make sure to buy your passes early!

Q: How do I register for breakout sessions? 

This year we're happy to use Sched to process workshop sign-ups ahead of the event! 

Upon purchasing a WGFestival pass, passholders will automatically be redirected to our schedule to register for a Sched account. Marquee Pass holders are eligible to register for all Special Events, Breakout Sessions, and our Networking Mixer immediately after purchasing the Marquee Pass.

For Classic Pass holders, registration for Breakout Sessions opens on Friday, February 15th at Noon PST. Classic Pass holders are able to immediately book their seats for Special Events, Linwood Dunn Panels, and the Networking Mixer upon purchase.

To book your Breakout Sessions, simply sign in to your Sched account and click on the checkbox circle next to the breakout session you want to attend. To finalize your selections, click on the black “Saved to My Sched” button in the lower left-hand corner. You will have the option to view your schedule via e-mail or via the Sched mobile app.

Q: How do I check to see if certain breakout sessions are full?

You can view the WGFestival 2019 schedule any time by visiting our Schedule page. Any event that’s labeled with a black OPEN box is available. Any event that’s labeled ALMOST FULL has limited seating left. Any event marked FULL is closed for registration.

Q: What if the breakout sessions I want to attend are full? 

Breakout Sessions availability are on a first-come, first-serve basis. If your desired session is unavailable, give another session a try.

Q: I would like to change what breakout sessions I am signed up for. Is this possible? 

Yes! You can change your schedule by logging in to your Sched account any time before Friday, March 22 at 5PM PST. Please make sure the sessions you want to change to are open and available before altering your registration.